Class 170 (RaceDriven 170 UTV) Stock Polaris RZR 170 SxS driven by Racers ages 6-12. SXS sports/COR RULES.


Class 2100 (Short Course Karts) Spec mini race trucks, with Briggs & Stratton spec engine, driven by racers ranging in age from 7-15 years. All Short Course Karts raced, must be 100% spec to ensure quality racing between drivers with no mechanical advantage. All racers should have a chance to win based on ability. MORR/COR RULES

**Class 570 (570 UTV) Stock Polaris RZR 570 SxS driven by racers ages 10-16. SXS Sports/COR rules**

Class 6100 (G.O.B.) bone stock passenger sedans with safety cage and all glass removed. Must run passenger.2021 SODA rules.

Class 1400 (ELIMINATOR) Pre-runner/trail-rig/mud-truck/rally-car Class will run side by side for 1.5 laps. Elimination rounds. 2021 SODA rules.

Class 11 (Alternative Machine Light Buggy) A limited 4 wheeled buggy utilizing VW Type 1 stock components with a 1585cc engine and run with one or two persons. All parts are to be stock Type l. MORR/COR rules.

**Class 7S (Brolite) A two-wheel drive four wheeled vehicle Known as a mini or mid-sized pick-up. This is a stock production class and must maintain engine, body and chassis combinations. Combined class for 2021. 2021 SODA rules. **

Class 6 (Classix) A two-wheel drive four wheeled passenger car type production vehicle. Production chassis with large v8 engines. Combined with class4 will run head to head. 2021 SODA rules.

Class 5 (Issar Inn Stock Truck) A two-wheel drive pickup truck with a 3/4 ton or smaller chassis, with coil front springs, manufactured in the United States. This is a stock class as defined by original equipment parts (OEM) only. MORR/COR rules.

Class 1600 (Single Buggy) A limited 4 wheeled buggies utilizing a maximum Type 1-1600cc VW air cooled engine run with one- or two-persons during racing. MORR/COR rules.

**Class 5-1600 (Baja Bug) A limited 4 wheeled “Baja Bug” vehicle which must be a VW Sedan Type I. Will be running with single buggy for 2021. Single buggy class rep has option to give Baja bugs handy cap (head start). 1997 SODA/SCORE rules. **

**Class 2 (Mod Kart) This class is represented by a four-wheeled race vehicle, powered by a 400cc Honda Quad engine. It is designated for racers ages 11-17. MORR/COR rules**

** Class 1900 (Stock UTV) Up to 1000cc Production based Normally Aspirated Side by Side (SxS) vehicles. MORR/COR rules. Sportsman, pro-am, pro stock classes. **

**Class 9 (Super Buggy) An unlimited 4 wheeled Buggy run with one- or two-persons during racing. MORR/COR rules. Combined with MTEG super 1600, SODA class 1, MAORA class 10. (COR rules. exceptions: no tire width max, no c.c. max for type 1 VW air-cooled with stock block) class 1 racers should get advance invite by contacting class rep so there are not any issues.**

Class SR1 (Weller Racing UTV) A highly modified Yamaha Rhino, Kawasaki Teryx, any year of production chassis, having a Yamaha R1/ Kawasaki ZX-10 (transplanted) power plant. Must have mid/ long-travel suspension and a modified race chassis that meets general Pro/Mod UTV specifications for safety according to the sanctioning body, and that meets SR1 Class rules for eligibility. 2021 SODA rules. Will be running head-to-head with Class 2900

Class 8 (Super Stock) A two-wheel drive utility vehicle known as a standard size pickup. This is a production class and must maintain engine, body, and frame combination for a specified year. All components must remain stock unless modifications are allowed in the rule book. MORR/COR rules. combined with LLORS-Score full stock/8s

Class 4 (Conrad’s Auto Salvage F4x4) A four wheeled vehicle manufactured in a series available to the public in the U.S.A and capable of being driven through all four wheels. Body and engine must be as available from the same factory. SUV body Required. 10 lbs./cubic in. open v8 engines. 2021 SODA rules.

**Class 13 (sportsman2) A two-wheel Drive unlimited full-size race truck built on a standardized chassis. 700+ Horsepower, 2 valves per cylinder V8. 18-20” wheel travel. 4200 lbs. Minimum weight. MORR/old SODA rules.**

**Class 2900 (Mod UTV) Up to 1000cc Modified Production based Turbocharged or up to 1075cc Normally Aspirated Side by Side vehicles. SXS SPORTS/COR RULES. Will be running head to head with SR1**

**Class 7 (Outlaw Prolite) Vehicle manufactured as a 2-wheel drive compact pickup truck. Unlimited class utilizing a tube chassis. SODA or pace outlaw 7s/4-6-8 cylinder pro lite. old/new Prolites run separate heats (divided by class rep). run handicap based on feature times. example 8 lap heat is 10 seconds faster than 10 second head start for 12 lap features. max tire size 33". Tube chassis 1.5” grandfathered indefinitely.**

**Classes that will currently be running mixed with other classes due to low car counts or no sponsor/class rep interest. Expect to see some changes in this list before the 2021 race season.

  1. Classes must have class rep and class sponsor to have their own race. Classes without class sponsor will be combined with classes with there own race time slot and race for same money and pay same entry fee. Class rep of sponsored class has final say in giving handicap or letting vehicles start in front.

  2. Only classes 6100, 1400, 6, 5, 2, 8, 4 will be required to run numbers starting with their class number in 2021 season. All numbers ending with '00' are reserved for the current 2021 COR Class Champions. Or champions from last year class was run.