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Jeff Wofle 165

Class 11 (Alternative Machine Light Buggy)

How long have you been racing?  

As a driver this be the start of my 6th season. 2yrs at slinger and starting my 4th in off-road

How did you get started in racing?  

My Family Has been involved in off-road since the 70s. 2 uncles Terry Wolfe & Mike Seefeldt Sr, my grandpa Roger Wolfe and Cousin Mike Seefeldt Jr all have raced at some point growing up. My Great Uncle Terry Wolfe was the President of the SODA until it’s end in the 90’s. So Growing Up I was always around off-road, As I got older I started helping you are the racers Larry Manske, Mike Hester and The late Joe Eppers. I ended up getting my own buggy which was actually first was a 3 man team.

What is your day job?  

I run the parts department for a used car dealership

Who would you say is your biggest fan(s)?  

Definitely my family, the are huge supporters at the shop or at the races. And my friends how have been on this off road journey with me even before my buggy. Race weekends wouldn’t be the same without them there!

Best race ever?  

As a driver Labor Day Crandon 2020 last lap gravel pit turn passed 4 buggy's going from 18th to 14th it’s on video and you can hear my family in the background starting cheering when I make the pass.

What other series have you raced in?  

2 seasons racing circle tracks. Slinger speedway 4cyl class. I raced  a Honda Accord and ended with 2nd places. I also raced Champ off-road


Favorite color?  

I don’t really care that much, it’s relative to the situation

Favorite type of track?   

The kind I get to race on

Class you would like to move up to someday? 

1/1600 or class 9

How do describe your driving style?

Too patient or a little under aggressive sometimes

In your opinion, how many races would you like to see in 2022?  

3-5 depends on the time frame and locations

Besides racing, what are some of your interests, hobbies or favorite pastimes?

Nowadays not much other then something to do with any kind of Motorsports

If animals could talk, which on would be the rudest?


Do you have any ‘pre-race’ rituals you run through?

A Routine maybe just going over everything with the crew like a vocal checklist as I’m suiting up.

What is your favorite memory on or off of the racetrack?

Funny race memory back when soda raced at Road America my grandma took me for a scooter ride on the asphalt track not long into it the security kicks us off

What’s your favorite racetrack?  

Bark River or ERX

What’s your most prized possession?  

My Grandpa’s 2 Crandon rings

What’s your favorite type of cheese?

White and yellow mix or nacho

If someone asked to be your apprentice and learn all your knowledge, what would you teach them?  

A little bit about a lot a bit.

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