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 John Holtz    477
CLASS 4 (Conrads Auto Salvage F4x4)


How long have you been racing?  

Since 1987 – See on for more information about our team

How did you get started in racing?

John originally got his start in the infamous "Good Ole Boys" (G.O.B.) class at Crandon International Off-road Raceway in 1987. It wasn't long until he and his friends (Kendal and Warren) joined the Formula 4x4 class in 1992- where TFA Racing was born.

No stranger to the dirt, John has raced both short-course and competed in numerous desert races. John began competing in the Baja 1000 starting in 2002 - as well as the Baja 500, San Felipe 250, SCORE 250, and Mint 400 where he has pitted for both Curt and Todd Leduc.

Chassis: '83 Scrambler (Geoff Dorr Built)

Engine: AMC 401 with Aluminum Heads

Trans: Charlie Schlieve Turbo 400

Transfercase: TFA Custom Quadratrac

Front Axle: Dana 44 (8" Travel) Rear Axle: Custom Full Floater Dana 44 (10" Travel)

What's your Day job? 

Maintenance at Global Fab


Who would you say are your biggest fan(s)? 

All Jeep Fans. TFA Racing would not be possible without the support of all its friends and family.

Our current TFA Racing Crew includes: 

Chuck Holtz, Chris Holtz, Baggage (Warren Wendt), Dennis Luebke, Dennis Chencharick, Steve Woodring, Rusty Price, Samantha Holtz, Brooke Holtz, Jennifer Holtz, Stephanie Holtz, Theresa Ritchie-Holtz, and Judy Holtz.


Best Race ever?

 My first place win 2018 Spring Run at Crandon

What other series have you raced in?

Score, Best in the Desert, C.O.R.R. TORC, WSOR, Lucas Oil, Champ Off-road


Favorite color?


Favorite track type supercross, short course or Enduro track?

Short course, Long Track - Crandon

What is your favorite class to watch?  

Pro 4, Good Ole Boys

Class you want to move up to someday?  

Ultra 4

How would you describe your driving style? 

Opportunistic ,Veteran

How many soda race weekends should we put on in 2022? 


What are some of your interests/hobbies/favorite pastimes?

Camping, building Jeeps, Desert Racing,

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