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Ronald Kosiezca​​ 

Class 8 (Conrad's Auto Salvage Super Stock Truck)



How long have you been racing?  

4 years in the Off-Road Series, a few in circle track, and a few in snow cross.

How did you get started in racing?

I've been around others who have raced and it's always sparked my interest so I just decided one day to build something and go racing, never looked back, it's an addiction. 

What's your Day job?

Mechanic, I fix and repair most everything at my home shop.

Who would you say are your biggest fan(s)?

I'd have to say my family. 


Best race ever?

Well any race really that you can be competitive and still finish is a good one in my book. 


What other series have you raced in?

Championship Off-Road


Favorite color?



Favorite track type supercross, short course or enduro track?

Short Course


Favorite class to watch?

Any truck class


Class you want to move up to someday?

Possibly Pro-lite


How would you describe your driving style? 

Aggressive, yet fairly clean.​


What are some of your interests/hobbies/favorite pastimes? 

Fixing and repairing things.

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