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4/1/2022 - Class 7 (Outlaw Pro-lite) Rule Clarification:

We’d like to clear up some details for the potential new Class 7 (Outlaw Pro-lite) racers that haven't seen our rules yet. Rule books are available for purchase on the SODA website (all back orders and membership packages will be shipped out this Friday).  

Please see the clarifying details below:


1.  LS Motor Pro-lite's will run in Class 2 unrestricted tune. We cant/don't have equipment to test the tune. 

2.  New V6 Spec Trucks can run exactly to their series rules - tires included.  

3.  Carbureted Crate V8’s can run as is with 11.5” width (max) tires allowed. In the future, we will have them run a Torc Sport 2 restrictor plate. However, it is not until necessary and SODA will announce and provide restrictors at least one month prior to making them mandatory. 

4.  Super-stock motor/trans/carb and restrictor are allowed in this class. None are built yet.

5.  Old 4 Cyl. Trucks are allowed upon approval from class rep and tech director.

4/16/2022  - Updated Tire Rules

SODA has decided to turn a blind eye to your tires for the 2022 season. In light of major supply chain issues in the world... project tires, tractor tires, Hoosiers, slicks are all legal. 


There aren't any size rules, wheel rules, or DOT rules. No one should miss a race this year because they can't get the right spec tire. Have fun, our minds are always racing!

Enduro Race Rules - July 3rd

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