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Class 2 (Carter Trucking Sportsman 2)

Unlimited two wheel drive full-size trucks built on standardized tube chassis. 700+ horsepower, two valves per cylinder, V8. 18" wheel travel, 4200 lbs. minimum weight. #200-299.


Class 7 (Outlaw Pro Lite)

Unlimited two wheel drive mid-size/compact truck/SUV with 450 horsepower four- or six-cylinder or V8 engines. Standardized tube chassis, 12" wheel travel, 106" wheelbase, 74" track width. 3400 lbs. minimum weight. #00-99. 

Class 8 (Conrad's Auto Salvage Super Stock Truck)

"Modified stock" two wheel drive full-size 1/2-ton production pickups. 350 horsepower V8 with restrictor plate. 12" wheel travel on limited shocks. 118" wheelbase, 78" track width, 4000lbs. minimum weight. OEM frame, stock body. #800-899.


Class 4 (Conrad's Auto Salvage Formula 4x4)

"Modified stock" four wheel drive short wheelbase SUV with stock-concept driveline and OEM frame. 700+ horsepower two-valve V8 engines. 18" wheel travel. Must weigh 10 lbs./ displacement (minimum 3500 lbs.). #400-499.

Class 1900 (Power Sports 1 Stock UTV)

"Stock" 1000cc two-seat UTV. 80-100 horsepower. Open racing shocks and tires. 70.5" maximum overall width. Minimal bolt-on aftermarket parts allowed. #1900-1999.


Class 9 (Super Buggy)

Unlimited open-wheel buggy. Unlimited air-cooled engines; water-cooled two-valve 1715cc max; water-cooled with three-plus valves 1650cc max. 200+ horsepower, 93" maximum track width. Air-cooled minimum weight 1580 lbs.; water-cooled minimum weight 1900 lbs. #900-999.

Class 1600 (Single Buggy)

"Modified stock" buggies with custom tube chassis. VW Type 1 stock-concept exotic material suspension. Type 2 and Porsche drivetrain components. VW Type 1 1600cc VW air-cooled high-compression engine. 16" wheel travel with unlimited racing shocks. Co-drivers allowed. Disc brakes allowed. Minimum weight 1550 lbs. #1600-1699.


Class 6 (Classix)

"Modified stock" two-wheel drive full-size car or SUV. OEM frame. 700+ horsepower, two-valve V8 engines. 12" wheel travel. 3800 lbs. minimum weight. #600-699.

Class 7s (Bro Lite)

Near-stock two-wheel drive mid-size/compact truck/SUV. Stock engine/body/chassis combination with limited racing shocks. OEM body; fiberglass fenders and bedsides allowed. Passenger required. Minimum weight 2600 lbs. #700-799.


Class 450 (Open ATV)

450cc quads. AMA classes A-C (pro to beginner). Riders must be 16+. #0-999.

Class 11 (Mofoco Light Buggy)

"Stock" buggy with custom tube chassis. VW Type 1 (Beetle) stock suspension and drivetrain components. 50 horsepower, plate-restricted VW Type 1 1585cc engine. 6" wheel travel on limited shocks. Drum brakes only. Passenger allowed. Minimum weight 1550 lbs. Single-seat #100-199; two-seat #1100-1199. 


Class 6100 (HumbleCock Good Ole' Boys)

Near-stock passenger sedans with safety cage; all glass must be removed. No modifications allowed beyond adding safety equipment. Must race with passenger. #6100-6199.

Class 250 (Youth ATV)

90-250 cc quads. Riders ages: 10-16. #0-999.


Class 170 (RaceDriven 170 UTV)

Stock Polaris RZR 170 SxS driven by racers aged 5-13. 6-7 horsepower. Modifications allowed for safety only. OEM shocks. Minimum weight 700 lbs. including driver. #1700-1799.

Powder Puff Class

Powder Puff classes have special races and are not planned for every weekend event. They are normally done on Friday before the Heat Classes. This class is typically held for women who don't own their own race cars and who don't normally race - but want to go out and have fun!

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