Addendum to classes requiring passengers (7S & 6100). Racers without a passenger can still race, they will just line up father back behind drivers with passengers for the 2021 season


We are very excited to announce we will be adding class 13 (Sportsman 2) to our show. Similarly to how were running Prolite they will be allowing any year Class13, Class 8, Sportsman 2, Super Truck, Limited Pro 2 to race. Trucks must be legal to a specific year of rules. We will be reeling in the rules in 2022 to a more affordable Sportsman2/Super Truck rules package. Slower older trucks and newer trucks will run separate heats (divided by class rep). Run handicap based on feature times. Example 8 lap heat is 10 seconds faster than 10 second head start for 12 lap features.