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Milan Mazanec 


Class 14

How long have you been racing?  

51 years


How did you get started in racing?  



What is your day job?  



Who would you say is your biggest fan(s)?  

All that don’t hate me….LOL

Best race ever?  

Winning World Championships ring , many stadium races at Toronto CNE and SKYDOME, 4th place at Crandon in Red Bull Pro-4 Cup race


What other series have you raced in?  

SCORE Canada, SCORE International, HDRA, origins SODA, CORRA,  CORR and all that were covered midwest, most of east coast series……….. Worked on Stock car teams, in REMAX series and NASCAR BUSH series 


Favorite color?  



Favorite type of track?  

Technical and most that I raced on, old MINT 400 till 1989 ( Desert)……


Class you would like to move up to someday?  

Drove in top class, nowhere higher to go….LOL


How do describe your driving style? 



In your opinion, how many races would you like to see in 2022? 



Besides racing, what are some of your interests/hobbies/favorite pastimes? 

Fishing, RC cars


If animals could talk, which on would be the rudest? 

Tiny dogs


Do you have any ‘pre-race’ rituals you run through? 

Making sure truck is ready…LOL


What is something most people don’t know about? 

My background…


What is your favorite memory on or off of the racetrack?  

Winning first stadium race that run 4x4 trucks and getting picked up by BFGoodrich for sponsorship… 


What’s your favorite racetrack? 

Bark River


What’s your most prized possession? 



What’s your favorite type of cheese? 



If someone asked to be your apprentice and learn all your knowledge, what would you teach them? 

All I know if possible…

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